Emy, the multi-voice Eurorack speech synthesizer

Emy, the Extensible Modular Yabbler


Emy is a versatile speech synthesizer that can host an hardware synthesizer on it’s back via the use of a mikroBUS port. This will allow transforming Emy in a matter of a minute. (See Kaiwa )

Emy is flashed with a software that emulates the famous TMS5220 speech chip.

Emy can bee is seen as Talko’s big brother: it has the same speech engine but pushed to the max!

Every aspect of the speech engine can now be tweaked to alter the sound but adding an OLED screen and an SD card allow the user to customize his very own soundscape :

  •  LPC data are read from the SD card so an infinite vocabulary can be loaded
  • Sound and vocabulary can be produced by concatenating allophones and prosody markers from the text file to affect rate, duration, and pitch. No limits here !
  • The OLED crisp display allows browsing amongst the files and the lines within files to pick the sound the user wants to generate.
  • Speech rendering can be tweaked in real-time to affect, rate, stretch, bend, pitch and energy
  • All the potentiometer have CV entries attaches to them
  • As in Talko: Emy produces sounds in 3 major modes: Speech, Repeat, and VCO.
  • In Speech mode, the speech starts with a gate signal and complete before waiting for a new gate signal. The speech has the priority.
  • In Repeat mode, the speech starts and stops with the gate signal going high or low. The gate has the priority and the speech repeats while the gate is high. This mode is very useful to create crazy rhythms.
  • In VCO mode, the LPC engine loops while the gate is high, producing steady notes.
  • The firmware can be updated via the onboard USB port or via the SD card

Technical Details

  • 16 hp
  • micro SD card reader
  • Diode for reverse polarity protection
  • Consumption : +12V 60mA / -12V 18 mA
  • Cortex-M0 ARM processor
  • All inputs: 100k impedance, 12-bit ADC.
  • CV control designed for  0-5 V entries
  • busy out signal 5V
  • OLED display
  • mikroBUS host
  • Ouput level 8 Vpp
  • USB port for communication and firmware updates


(to be uploaded with http://www.polaxis.be/bossa-uploader/)


Emy firmware 39.29 KB 66 downloads

If the installed firmware is already 1.5 or bigger : Save the new version to the...

SD card

(if you need to get started with a new sd card)


Emy SD card image 32.99 KB 36 downloads

Image of Emy's default SD card. It contains some .lpc files and .phon files to get...

More LPC files :




Emy’s Manual

Emy’s kit Assembly Manual


Emy quickstart manual 569.91 KB 38 downloads

Get started with this little manual ...