Votrax SC-01A PWM clocked

The idea

I got this brilliant idea by John Loadsman who is using a version of my previous code: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUbTZU_FCz0&feature=context-cha

I also wanted to digitally control the Votrax’s pitch to implement some new functions. (keep in mind that I want the Votrax to sing)

The hardware modification was pretty easy: I removed the analog clocking part, tied the MCRC to the ground and just pulled the Votrax’s clock entry MCX to +5v with a 2.2k resistor.

I had to use pin 3 on the Arduino to produce the clock via the timer 2 and, therefore, need to use pin 6 for the A/R


What’s new

– Moved the A/R to pin 6
– Using pin 3 to generate the clock (see setup section)
– Created a function to drive the clock on demand. See ClockFrequency() where the clock frequency is given in kHz.
– note: My Votrax doesn’t seem to accept a frequency bigger than 910 kHz
– Added some new modifier _PITCHUP & _PITCHDN to allow variation within the text

Todo :

– find a way to produce musical notes
– Add midi control