Arduino talking clock

I’ve discovered this great library here¬†
They have done an impressive job. The library is provided with a large vocabulary.
It is a software implementation of the Texas Instruments speech synthesis architecture (Linear Predictive Coding). It is just amazing to discover what  the atmega168 can do. By the way the library works only with 168 and 328 16MHz based Arduino.
Just for fun to hear the script counting …

And then the clock saying the time

To build this clock you need :

  • An arduino Uno
  • A temporary switch
  • A speaker
  • A DS1307 clock
Talkie clock bb

I plan to add and infrared detector to allow the system to say the time by just waving a hand in the dark.
I have mixed the example code provided in the talkie library to process and say numbers (Volmeter) and the vocabulary from the Vocab_US-Clock example.
The sketch wait for the button to be pressed and then read the clock’s time.
It first greet the listener for the moment of the day (morning,afternoon, evening) and then say the time