MozMo : the brilliant Arduino Mozzi synth in an Eurorack hardware.

The idea

Mozzi by Tim Barras is an outstanding library that allow the Arduino to produce complex and exiting sounds with almost no additional hardware.
(In fact MozMo uses the hifi mode that requires … 2 resistors and a cap !) The idea was to build a dirty cheap modular synth exploiting the vast potential of this library.


  • Arduino compatible with Usb connection
  • Powered via Doepfer 5v bus or via Usb (via jumper)
  • Uses Mozzi Hifi mode
  • 2 potentiometers
  • 2 CV entries
  • 1 gate entry
  • 1 audio out
  • Depth : 40 mm
  • Size : 6 hp





Here is one example

Check my Soundcloud for more demos



Examples sketches

I am building a collection of Mozzi sketches adapted for this module.
(wait for the page to load as there a few Soundclouds files embedded)
You can help me to build this collection by sending me your best sketches.


All the hardware files and the Arduino sketches are kept under my Github repository


If you plan to build one, have a look a this


I keep a few pieces of each components and I can ship :

  • pcb
  • panel
  • programmed Atmega328p
  • full kit
  • assembled module


  • re label panel entries A2 A3 and pots A0 A1
  • install onboard 5V regulator