Mea Vox

Have your MCU or Emy speak French, the vintage way.

Mea Vox

Mea Vox is a formant synthesizer add-on board with a French accent.
It is developed around the MEA8000 speech chip that was used in Apple II, Thomson TO8, MO5 and Amstrad CPC during the mid ’80.

The hardware is compatible with the mikroBUSTM standard, allowing rapid prototyping and easy integration into existing projects.

The onboard class-d amplifier can drive a small 8 ohms speaker.




This vox board is designed to be used in the forthcoming Polaxis new Mea Eurorack Module. (in this case, the audio signal is forwarded via the “PWM” pin – the jack is not used here)

It can also be used in robots, toys or any other retrocomputing speaking devices you may think of.

Thanks to the popular mikroBUS™, this board can be instantly connected to multiple different platforms like the Arduino or the Clicker2.
The onboard amplifier is quite powerful and is just waiting for the speaker to be plugged in!

Breadboard Connection

Arduino Connect


This board is developed under the creative commons license: CC-BY-SA
The schematic and the code are available here




mikroBUS™ standard designed by MikroElektonika

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