Kaiwa, the module that speaks Japanese with a robot voice

Prepare your text file in Romaji and have Kaiwa read it out loud for you!

Kaiwa is the first sister module based on Emy: add a Kaiwa-vox and a panel to Emy’s core to obtain a brand new module.


Just in case you wonder how Romaji look like: here is the Japanese lyrics of Kraftwerk’s Radioactivity :

note: the hyphen is used to prolong the vowels (see the Kaiwa-vox’s manual for more on this)


Group your lines into a song and save it as a text file on the SD card :

On Kaiwa, manually pick a song and use the Sound pot or it’s CV entry to pick the line in that song.

A gate signal will trigger the sound while the various pot and CV entries allow tweaking the voice characteristics.