Kaiwa, the speech synthesizer with a Japanese robot chip

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Kaiwa 1.0: now reads bigger text files (4000 characters or 200 lines) and displays longer sentences on 2 lines

Prepare your text file in Romaji and have Kaiwa read it out loud for you!

Kaiwa is the first sister module based on Emy: add a Kaiwa-vox and a panel to Emy’s core to obtain a brand new module.


Just in case you wonder how Romaji look like: here is the Japanese lyrics of Kraftwerk’s Radioactivity :

note: the hyphen is used to prolong the vowels (see the Kaiwa-vox’s manual for more on this)


Group your lines into a song and save it as a text file on the SD card :

On Kaiwa, manually pick a song and use the Sound pot or it’s CV entry to pick the line in that song.

A gate signal will trigger the sound while the various pot and CV entries allow tweaking the voice characteristics before processing the speech (not in real time, but they are applied on the next utterance). 


User Manual

user manual

Quickstart Manual


Kaiwa quickstart manual 658.63 KB 9 downloads


USB TTS mode

This little demo to show how to use the USB TTS mode on Kaiwa. This function is designed to help you debugging your Japanese romaji lines before storing them into a text file for the SD card. (see the user manual for more details).

The speech is triggered by the gate signal, so this mode can also be used to edit and play live text.


(to be uploaded with http://www.polaxis.be/bossa-uploader/)


Kaiwa Firmware 28.03 KB 15 downloads

If the installed firmware is already 1.5 or bigger : Save the new version to the...

SD card

(if you need to get started with a new sd card)


Kaiwa SD card 1.36 KB 13 downloads

Image of Kaiwa's default SD card. It contains some files to get started Unzip and...